Jason Keesling

New Construction Docks, Seawalls, Boat Lifts, Hurricane Repairs, Preperation and Service.

State Licensed And Insured: SCC131151917

Required USL&H Insurance Coverage on Every Employee

Previously Known As: Atlantic Dock And Boat Lifts, LLC.

Email: FloridaDockBuilder@Gmail.com

Office: 386-402-6862 (Call or Text)

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Questions to Ask Potential Marine Contractors

& Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are you Licensed and Insured?Please, don't take their word for it.State-Licensed Contractors are licensed through the Department of Business Professional Regulation (DBPR).https://www.myfloridalicense.com/wl11.asp?mode=0&SIDCounty-Licensed Contractors are licensed through the county.https://connectlivepermits.org/PublicPortal/Volusia/public/contractor_query.jsp 
  • Do you have worker's compensation? Marine Construction requires US L&H Insurance for workers working on or over the water including docks, decks, boathouses, seawalls or bulkheads. It is a Federal Requirement, a State Exemption does not excuse a Federal Law. If a contractor does not have US L&H Insurance and a worker is injured or killed on your property, you (the owner) will be at serious risk. AHI MARINE, LLC. not only can provide this documentation to you, but can list you as an additonal insured on our policy. You can search to see if a contractor has insurance coverage by clicking the link. https://proofofcoverage.fldfs.com/Search  
  • How deep do you install the pilings?  Dock pilings should be installed a min. of 8' in the ground over surface waters and Boat lift and Boat House Pilings 10' - 12' (+). Pilings should be jetted and driven to help prevent settling issues. Driving the poles helps ensure the piles are well embeded and help in backfilling the piling after the jetting process. 
  • What is involved in the permitting process? Most docks require Department of Enviromental Protection approval, Army Corps of Engineers approval, and depending on whether you're located within the city or county, approval through your local jurisdiction. A Manatee Protection Program Permit is also required for all new construction. 
  • What is typically needed for the permitting process?A Survey of the property, a signed and notarized Notice of Commencement, a Signed Contract (once a proposal is approved), Required Deposit (listed on the signed contract), a Letter of Authorization to Obtain a permit (this is required for DEP and Army Corp Permitting), and an approved set of drawings (signed and sealed drawings will be obtained once permitting through DEP and Army Corp have been approved).