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Q: Why is it so important to hire a licensed contractor?

A: You wouldn't have open heart surgery with someone who hasn't had the proper training and experience. You should feel the same way when it comes to your dock or seawall. Marine Construction is not a cheap investment and by hiring an unlicensed contractor, you are subject to being conned, fines and could end up spending more on your dock in the long run. Make sure who ever you hire and have working on your property is Licensed and Insured. Our Links page will direct you to both State Licensed contractors search as well as Volusia County Licensed Contractors search engines. Verify your contractor is licensed, just because they say they are licensed, doesn't mean they are.

Q: What is USL&H Insurance?

A: USL&H Insurance (United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act) It is a federal workers compensation law that applies to maritime employees who work on or over navigable waters in or adjacent to the United States. It is basically workers comp. for employees who work in on and over the water. 

Q: Why not hire a contractor who is workers comp. exempt? 

A: Contractors are not allowed to be workers comp exempt from USL&H insurance as well as any sub contractors, while some contractors are still doing this and have been able to get away with this for some time, they are putting the homeowners at risk if an injury or death ever did occur on their property. Make certain your contractor has USL&H Insurance.

Q: How deep do you install the pilings?

A: Most plans ask for 8'-10' of penetration into the soil which is great if you have a nice sandy bottom but what if you have a lot of loose muck? We typically shoot for 10' to 15' of piling in the soil and have certain techniques we use along with jetting that allows us not only to get on the shell pan but down into it which is extremely important especially in muck bottom situations such as John Anderson.

Q: Do you have a hammer to drive my pilings?

A: After jetting the pilings in, we use a pneumatic pile driver that weighs 1000lbs and hits with 2400lbs of force to prevent any pilings from settling which is especially important on Boat houses and Boat Lifts. 

Q: Are your docks Hurricane Proof?

A: While we would love to say yes, no dock is Hurricane Proof, though we built a couple of docks before Hurricane Irma with absolutely no storm damage at all. We try to spend more time than most installing the pilings, because it is the foundation of your dock. By keeping as much of your dock above the storm surge as possible and making sure your pilings are installed deep, will help prevent costly repairs. 

Q:  My pilings are 15-20 years old, but my dock failed? Can we reuse the pilings? 

A: Yes you can reuse the pilings in most cases but do you really want to? Sometimes its just better to start over. Pilings that are 15-20 years old could be nearing their life span especially if they have been subject to boring worms or if they have a lot of the brownish orange colored fuzzy wood we call dock rot on the pilings. It may be a wiser investment to replace the entire dock.

Q: What if I have a question that was not answered here? 

A: No problem, we would be happy to go over any questions you may have.